Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

What is “Support Our Kids Project”?
While it is said the reconstruction from the unprecedented disaster will take over 10 years, 20 years or even more, we believe one of the necessary tasks for the post-earthquake restoration is to support early independence of children as well as adults, those who will play a major role in the reconstruction effort for the future in the afflicted areas.

However, children in the afflicted areas still suffer from many anxieties such as mental worries, economical insecurity, fears for the future by loss of parents and families, and many other environmental problems caused by prolonged life in temporary housing or study at temporary school. We believe that nurturing their love and pride to their hometown as well as enabling them to think for themselves and take actions in the reconstruction efforts in the future, it is important to provide those children with a fresh environment, new experiences, and a warm friendship which can help them mentally. And for this to happen, expanding the circle of its continuous support is needed more than anything.

For those reasons we have launched a project to support children’s self-reliance called “Support Our Kids” as a 10-year project supported by the understandings and cooperation from embassies in Japan. We need your continuous support in order to help as many children to be able to stand on their feet as early as possible.

We would highly appreciate for your understanding and cooperation to our project.


Continuous support for independence of children who has suffered by the Great East Japan Earthquake


  1. Support activities in the afflicted area
    1. Continuous visiting class to disaster damaged elementary schools and orphanages
  2. Support activities outside of the afflicted area
    1. Overseas home stay program (target: high school and junior high school students)
    2. A tour to embassies in Japan (target: elementary school students)
    3. Charity events (objectives: to gain recognition, collect support funds)
    4. Reunion (target: children who had participated home stay program / contents: to report the results of home stay, to hold a reunion party)